Ph.D Scholar Profiles

Ph.D Scholar Profiles

  • Nithin Monteiro SJ

    Profile: Nithin Monteiro SJ is a Jesuit priest and a Doctoral Scholar at the School of Governance and Public Affairs, XIM University, Bhubanesw

    Academic: Briefly, Nithin has two MA degrees in Philosophy (Loyola College, Chennai and Boston College, USA). His purpose was twofold: (1) to gain a solid foundation in Logic, the Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy, and Ethics; (2) to enhance his understanding of human-computer interactions. As a native of India and a recent international student in the U.S., besides English, he is proficient in reading German and classical Greek.

    Professional: In addition to his teaching experience at Loyola College, Chennai, he currently offers his services as a visiting faculty member at the School of Governance and Public Affairs, XIM University. He teaches Digital Governance and Ethics in Public Administration. He has served as a Research Assistant to Professor John Paris, a preeminent scholar of Law, Medicine, and Bioethics at Boston College, offering technology support, i.e., assisting in applying novel research techniques to his data. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Guestbook Project run by Professor Richard Kearney, a prolific writer and public philosophy intellectual at Boston College, USA.

    Research Interests: His research interests include Policies for Emerging Technologies, the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Governance of AI, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Technology. Non-research Interests: He composes and produces music. He is also involved in youth animation and theatre.

  • Prasun Chaturvedi

    Prasun Chaturvedi is a research scholar in the Doctoral Program at the School of Governance and Public Affairs at XIM University. Having an academic background in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Business Management, in addition to more than two decades of executive experience, he passionately addresses theoretical gaps at the intersection of responsible governance, adoption of transformative emerging technologies, and the elevation of government services and citizen participation. His dissertation on "Responsible AI and its Governance," exemplifies his unwavering commitment to fostering impactful advancements in the field of Public Policy through meticulous research and dynamic industry collaborations.