Executive Education

Executive Education

With the launch of the Master in Public Policy program, the School of Governance and Public Affairs has lined up a slew of Advanced Courses that will be launched in due course. Here’s a look at what we have in store for practitioners and students of Public Policy. Please await announcements on each area which will happen separately.

(1) Policy Orientation Programs:

These programs will be designed and administered by the Centers in the School which will research, teach and consult on policies in specific areas and lead to deep domain expertise in those areas. Delivered in short-duration immersion course formats our POPs are expected to draw policy makers, elected representatives, NGO leaders, activists, communication specialists, journalists and all those who have an interest in public policy.

(2) International Policy Workshops:

Policy workshops on several themes will be a regular feature at the School. These workshops will provide students and academics with an opportunity to gain an international perspective on policy events and developments.

(3) Executive Development Programs:

These Programs are meant for practitioners, bureaucrats, social and political leaders, organization managers and all those who seek greater awareness of public policy making processes, themes, design and outcomes.

(4) Capacity Building Programs:

The School of Governance and Public Affairs has been established with support from the Government of Odisha and we are committed to raising capacity of Odisha’s elected representatives and government officials. Creating a future-ready cadre of public policy experts is a stated goal of the school. In association with departments of the Government of Odisha, the SGPA will roll out several short-duration capacity building programs that will deal with the Government strategy based on the 3Ts: Technology, Transparency and Trust. Our CBPs will build on these three themes while studying policies in depth. With participants from all sides of the policy spectrum, the CBPs will aim at raising appreciation of public policy processes among participants.

(5) Political Leadership Refresher Programs:

The PLRPs will be designed with political leadership’s requirements in mind and will include crucial content for grassroots representatives. As Panchayats and Local Self-Government institutions grow in strength, the PLRPs will act on capacity-building for their growing importance and role, especially in Odisha. These short-term courses will invite participation from Odisha as well as from other states in the country.