Masters in Public Policy and Governance

Masters in Public Policy and Governance

The Masters in Public Policy and Governance program is the flagship offering of the School. It has been designed by XIM University in association with renowned global experts to offer a degree of global standards to participants, and to set them on a higher trajectory of professional and academic growth in the public policy arena.

Among its many course offerings across nine existing Schools XIM University, treats the Masters in Public Policy and Governance as a defining program for the University and invites the very best students to join the Program that will launch in August 2020. We intend the School to attract many academics and practitioners in the public policy area including elected representatives from Odisha and elsewhere, bureaucrats, administrators, managers and NGO leaders.

Masters in Public Policy and Governance 2023-25 Course Curriculum :
(A) Core Courses: The MPP Program will deliver the following core courses*, all in the First Year

Semester - I

Semester - II

Semester - III

Semester - IV

Total Credits ((Semester I): 31, Total Credits ((Semester II): 28, Total Credits ((Semester III): 21, Total Credits ((Semester IV): 21

Total Credits (All four semesters): 101 Credits

*(The scheduling of some of the Core Courses could vary due to faculty calendars. Faculty will notify changes if and when they occur)

(B)  In the second year, over the Third and Fourth Semesters, students will study electives, a partial list of which is given below. Students will also have the choice of choosing Electives from the other nine schools of XIM University, subject to approvals.

A partial list of Electives is given below. The School of Governance and Public Affairs encourages inter-disciplinary studies and students can choose from scheduled course offerings in some of the nine other Schools of the University as Elective study. Please be advised, however, that acceptance to the courses in other Schools is subject to approval of the dean of the respective school.

Electives at School of Governance and Public Affairs:

(C) Apart from the study of Electives, students will have to do Project work on the evolution and implementation of Public Policy in a thematic area, leading to a dissertation in the second year. In addition, students may opt for any two of the following learning actions during the second year:

Please Note:  While XIM University may facilitate engagement in Internships, it is expected that students will take the initiative to interact with organizations that offer internships aligned with their course objectives and finalize arrangements independently.

(D) Fee Structure:

Program Fee:

(D) Course Scope:

Please go through the FAQ section for better clarity.

*SGPA reserves the right to make any changes in its program, course curriculum and offerings made in this website or in any printed or digital form without notice anytime as per its own discretion and without assigning any reason whatsoever.